Raquel Sundberg is the founder and principal designer of The Petite Decor, a Northern Virginia based interior decor firm and is also the author and editor of the design blog The Petite Decor (www.thepetitedecor.com).  Raquel’s degree is in art education, and she enjoyed a 5 year career in this field.  Along the way, she loved decorating her home and helping friends with theirs.  She realized that her passion is helping people make their homes more beautiful – Raquel believes that anyone and everyone should have a home they love.



Armed with a degree in art education from Armstrong Atlantic State University and experience as an art teacher she broke out on her own in 2016.  Raquel works diligently to create spaces that blend new and old, high and low and modern and traditional styles on all budgets.

Raquel is the proud mom to Valentina Sofia and has another baby girl on the way! She loves chocolate and coffee in equal measure, and although she frequently dreams of the beach, she’s thrilled to call Northern Virginia home.

Not unlike her famous namesake, Chanel is happiest expressing her creativity in music, writing, fashion, & everything artistic. She is proud to admit that the craft store is her home away from home, and finds inspiration for her hand-made creations just about everywhere. From interiors to daily outfitting, Chanel loves incorporating her personal style into everything she does.

she very much enjoys indulging new interests along the way through her work. An avid traveller and a true free spirit, Jennifer seeks conversation, candlelight, and enlightenment where ever she goes.

She loves watercolors, her free-spirited son and all things handmade, especially breakfast tacos.

I hope you enjoy your time here and come back often!